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How to Make Pumpkin Spice Latte (and Coffee)

Quick Answer:

Finely grind your whole bean espresso with 1/4 a cinnamon stick, 1/2 tsp each of ground ginger ground, ground nutmeg, and whole allspice, and 2 - 3 whole cloves. Brew espresso with the fresh grinds. Separately, steam a half cup fat free milk in a coffee cup to warm it up and create a layer of foam on top. Pour espresso over foam and enjoy.

The ProHowNow Way: Grind it as You Go for Best Aroma

Pumpkin spice isn't hard to make. It's basically just ground cinnamon, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, and cloves at an approximate ratio of 6:3:3:2:1. We prefer using whole spices to start for best flavor (with the exception of the ginger and nutmeg, which we buy pre-ground because they're a pain to deal with).

This recipe makes for a subtle but fragrant and tasty pumpkin spice espresso grind:


For best taste and aroma, grind as you go and and put the spices into a coffee grinder with whole bean espresso and grind to a fine powder.

Next, brew a batch of espresso with the ground espresso mixture in your espresso machine.

Separately, fill a coffee cup half full with milk of your choice. (FYI: Fat free milk makes for the best foam.) Hold the cup up to the steamer on your espresso machine so that the nozzle tip is completely submerged in the milk. Turn the steamer on and heat the milk until you can feel the coffee cup start to get warm.

At that point, lower the cup until the nozzle tip is barely submerged and you start to see bubbles forming in the milk. Work the cup up and down and around to make the milk bubble until you have a nice foam.

Pour the brewed espresso over the foam and enjoy!

Variations (including holiday blend coffee)

Spice it Up (or down): Feel free to experiment with how much of the spices you grind with your espresso beans to give it more or less of the pumpkin spice flavor.

Winter Blend Coffee: You can follow the same recipe as above to make winter or holiday blend coffee—just swap out the espresso beans with whole bean coffee. Also, don't grind the mixture as finely as you do with the espresso. After brewing your coffee, add cream, milk, sugar or whatever else you'd normally put in your coffee.

As with the espresso recipe, you can experiment with your spices or even add additional spices. We like adding pink peppercorns to give our winter coffee some extra kick. We've also experimented with cocoa nibs and soaking our beans in vanilla extract.

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